A Swedish brand established in 2017 by two

women who thought their plants needed a prettier home.

Our Products

We have more than 16 years of experience sourcing the best factories and suppliers for other companies in Asia. We have also designed interior accessories and tableware for a decade. That's why we have confident in our products.



4 may, 2020

Due to the Corona-virus businesses all over the world are

affected, MYYA is not excluded. Please support us and

Swedish designs!

If you would like to purchase any of our products we now offer

special discounts. Please e-mail us.

Take good care everyone!

15 feb, 2019

It's Formex again! We are very happy to hear that a lot of potential

 customers want to meet us there, but we have decided to stay focused on developing

new products. Please e-mail us instead.


1 Jan, 2019

It's a new year and new challenges!

Myya's "Waterfall"will be available at Designtorget in wk.2,

please support us.


20 Nov, 2018

New glass collection "Waterfall",

in stock.


28 Oct. 2018

New inspiration pictures added. Halloween and pumpkins, we

 decided to only use the pumpkin.


10 Oct. 2018

New products added, small table to put our beautiful pots on

or  why not a nice table lamp "Dripdrop"


9 Oct. 2018

MYYA products can be purchased for a limited time at the

Popup shop by trendguru Stefan Nilsson at

 Hem & Villa Mässa A22:21, Stockholm Oct 11th-14th


25 Sep. 2018

New color scheme on our homepage!

Hope you like it!


25 Aug, 2018

Finally you can follow us on instagram!















MYYA delivers designed home decorations, focusing on pots and vessels that inspire and rejuvenate a greener and more beautiful home.

"My Home is My Palace"